You need a great idea? Why not ask the whole world…

tricider is a huge success partly because it’s so easy to create a question and share it with friends.

However, some problems are of general interest and a lot of thinking is necessary to come up with a perfect solution. This is when users approached us and asked us, why there was no way to make tricisions public. So that all of you could answer a particular question and brainstorm as a world-wide team. We thought: What a great idea!

And this is why we created the tricider public idea space!

You can add tricisions to the public idea space and have all tricider users help you out with their creativity and imagination. It´s like crowdsourcing for everyone!

Of course, this is absolutely optional, you have to actively publish tricisions to be in the pool. By default, a tricision is private.

We are very excited to see what will happen to the open idea space. People from all over the world will be looking at your questions and ideas. But that´s what brainstorming is all about: Build on the ideas of others, discuss in a team and use the wisdom of the crowd.

Can brainstorming and crowdsourcing for ideas really work?

As far as we have seen, it only needs a simple tool like tricider to unleash the creativity of the crowd. You already twittered the most interesting tricisions and got amazing ideas and comments. Let’s just try and see where a collective idea space will lead us!

Now see who is in need for your ideas: Enter here.

One thought on “You need a great idea? Why not ask the whole world…

  1. I’m not an expert in brainstorming, but don’t you think that brainstorming around a blog post would be a good alternative to traditional brainstorming? It limitates physical contagion effects, and encourage to bring something new to the table.

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