Secure and stylish: myTricider Plus

Some of you may have noticed already, tricider has grown a little bit. While used by thousands around the world to decide on everyday questions, some of you also use tricider in a business environment.

And when you start using tricider with clients or your colleagues, there are some extra features you might need.

    • Ad-free version
    • Your own logo and design
    • Password protection
    • SSL encryption

This is exactly what myTricider Plus is. It´s a premium feature set that makes your tricisions more stylish and secure.

Although there is a small fee there is a way to use myTricider Plus for free: By inviting your friends to tricider! Each friend of yours who starts using tricider will get myTricider Plus 2 weeks for free. And for every 5 friends you invite you will get a whole month for free. So both of you can benefit!

To start using myTricider Plus click here.

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