tricider evolution

Just a few minutes ago, we made the biggest improvement to tricider since launching. A new design and many new features. Read about the most important changes or just see for yourself.

Cleaner design – easier handling

At the end of the day, making a tool easier and more beautiful is the same thing. We decided that for some areas, like the administration box, it was time for evolution!


New feature: Agree with an argument

One of the great things of brainstorming with tricider is the discussion right next to every idea. Instead of posting arguments redundantly, you can now agree with arguments.

New feature: Interesting Insights

Learn where your participants come from, at which time they answered your question and present the result in a beautiful graphic.



Thanks to CKendall, Xavier, Arianna, Kristin, Carmen, BCM-News, Marlene, Silvia, Frazer, Dimi, Martin, Inga, Nina, João, Jogi, Christine, Carlos, Ella, Per, Günter and many others for their ideas and suggestions!




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