LaBarra – How to engage clients and involved them in the decision making process of a small firm.

LaBarra is about to get 23 years old and the firm that started as a hardware store has experienced several changes during the last years. LaBarra has redefined its strategy and nowadays it is widening its portfolio and selling household items, appliances, technology, hardware and providing credit and repair services for their customers in a small town in Colombia.

As a result of this changes, the board has decided to take this opportunity and change their image and their logo, too. LaBarra asked a designer to make some proposals, but when they had to decide which one to choose, some disagreements started to rise and the board couldn’t agree in the final design. At this point one of the partners suggest to do a crowdsourcing campaign and ask their customers which was their favourite logo. The idea got better when they realized that this opportunity could be used to develop a bigger marketing campaign where they could engage their customers and increase the number of likes in their Facebook fan page.

A contact suggested them to use tricider, a tool that has the characteristics that they needed: Easy to set-up, several customization options, possibility to embed it into their facebook fan page and possibility to decide what award to give.


How was the process with tricider:


Setting up the question



First LaBarra created the question and uploaded the logos that the board has previously agreed:









Then they personalized the campaign according to their needs.










Afterwards, they established the prizes and rules.






They could always come back to edit and change the question, the description, the time and the ideas.


And finally LaBarra emebed the tricision in their Facebook Fan Page.


The results

The results of the tricision couldn’t be better. After a few days in facebook and helped by a mail campaign and personal Facebook invitations, the board realized that several of their fans in Facebook were designers that were eager to comment and give ideas regarding the different logos. Luckily most of the designers and the customers were inclined for the one logo that will represent LaBarra in the upcoming years.




Now everything is ready to make the official presentation of the new logo in the anniversary of LaBarra and the board is planning to use this event for launching a new crowdsourcing campaign with tricider!

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