Brainstorming at Learntank

Last week, the second Learntank Berlin took place in the beautiful and wonderful designed offices of wooga. Learntank was set-up by Robert Basic, Nicole Y. Männl and Gerhard Schröder. It aims at bringing together all kinds of “online people” in order to exchange knowledge and experience around online publishing.

The group is brainstorming

This time, learntank was all about “How to create a buzz”. After a short introduction by Robert, the group was split in two in order to brainstorm and discuss the topic with real life examples. One example was a lovely blog (huxlipux) with stories for children written by a well-known eastern German old lady who was once famous for her stories about Bummi. The other example was an online tool: tricider!

In our part of the workshop, we were following a structured method. Although it was all focused on tricider, the aim was to offer some new ideas to everyone for his own project. The discussion spread from target groups to multiplicators and scarcetiy of resources.

It was amazing to see, how engaged and creative the group was and how quickly they came up with brilliant ideas. All in all, it was a great event and we are looking forward to the next learntank. If you would like to meet us there, you should find all the dates on their facebook page.

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