10 Tips to get the best customer feedback

In our previous post we have shown how you can set up tricider as your online feedback tool. In this one we want to give you some techniques that you can use to increase your customer feedback in terms of quantity or quality of the responses. You can combine them depending on the nature of your business.


Be assertive in the communication.

Regardless the kind of comments or feedback that you get, you should be able to reply without being aggressive or violating someone rights. It doesn’t mean that you cannot answer to any disrespectful comment, but do it in a professional way.


Be open and honest with your customers.

If you continue having an open communication with your customers, telling them not just the success but the problems that your facing, they will feel more involved with your company and more willing to give you feedback and help.


Ask them specific questions.

You can use your feedback in order to get insights about specific topics. E.g. if you want to know what your customers think about your new product, if you want to ask them which topic they want you to write about, or regarding the last update of your software. In this order you will get feedback related to the most interesting topics for you.


Give rewards for their feedback.

Show to your customers that you appreciate their participation. A contest can be a great way to show them that you really care about their opinion. It will help as well to increase the number and quality of the responses.


Allow them to comment or agree the feedback of some other users.

If you allow your customers to discuss and comment their own ideas it might increase the participation. It can help you to better understand what they really want and get deeper in their needs.


Show them that what they say matter.

Show to your customers that what they say is taken into account. They appreciate when you show a new development or improvement suggested by them. You can express your gratitude in your website, your blog or even better, rewarding them.


Ask them relevant questions.

If you are developing a new product or you are improving your current one, involve them in the decision making process. If you want to change the logo or you need a new name for your new product, ask them. Crowdsourcing is a powerful tool to engage your customers and get great ideas out of them.


Spot important issues earlier

If you have a continue communication with your customers, it will be easier to face important issues. If you spot any of them, try to go deeper and get as much information as you can. It can make you save time and money.


Change your question from time to time.

Ask about different aspects of your company or product, discuss about the evolution of your market, create a conversation with them in order to make them more interested in your product or service and feel that you are continuously evolving.


Be creative

Be original with your questions and answers, use the feedback to engage your customers and make them feel part of your company.


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