Brainstorming at Learntank

Last week, the second Learntank Berlin took place in the beautiful and wonderful designed offices of wooga. Learntank was set-up by Robert Basic, Nicole Y. Männl and Gerhard Schröder. It aims at bringing together all kinds of “online people” in order to exchange knowledge and experience around online publishing.

The group is brainstorming

This time, learntank was all about “How to create a buzz”. After a short introduction by Robert, the group was split in two in order to brainstorm and discuss the topic with real life examples. One example was a lovely blog (huxlipux) with stories for children written by a well-known eastern German old lady who was once famous for her stories about Bummi. The other example was an online tool: tricider!

In our part of the workshop, we were following a structured method. Although it was all focused on tricider, the aim was to offer some new ideas to everyone for his own project. The discussion spread from target groups to multiplicators and scarcetiy of resources.

It was amazing to see, how engaged and creative the group was and how quickly they came up with brilliant ideas. All in all, it was a great event and we are looking forward to the next learntank. If you would like to meet us there, you should find all the dates on their facebook page.

Secure and stylish: myTricider Plus

Some of you may have noticed already, tricider has grown a little bit. While used by thousands around the world to decide on everyday questions, some of you also use tricider in a business environment.

And when you start using tricider with clients or your colleagues, there are some extra features you might need.

    • Ad-free version
    • Your own logo and design
    • Password protection
    • SSL encryption

This is exactly what myTricider Plus is. It´s a premium feature set that makes your tricisions more stylish and secure.

Although there is a small fee there is a way to use myTricider Plus for free: By inviting your friends to tricider! Each friend of yours who starts using tricider will get myTricider Plus 2 weeks for free. And for every 5 friends you invite you will get a whole month for free. So both of you can benefit!

To start using myTricider Plus click here.

You need a great idea? Why not ask the whole world…

tricider is a huge success partly because it’s so easy to create a question and share it with friends.

However, some problems are of general interest and a lot of thinking is necessary to come up with a perfect solution. This is when users approached us and asked us, why there was no way to make tricisions public. So that all of you could answer a particular question and brainstorm as a world-wide team. We thought: What a great idea!

And this is why we created the tricider public idea space!

You can add tricisions to the public idea space and have all tricider users help you out with their creativity and imagination. It´s like crowdsourcing for everyone!

Of course, this is absolutely optional, you have to actively publish tricisions to be in the pool. By default, a tricision is private.

We are very excited to see what will happen to the open idea space. People from all over the world will be looking at your questions and ideas. But that´s what brainstorming is all about: Build on the ideas of others, discuss in a team and use the wisdom of the crowd.

Can brainstorming and crowdsourcing for ideas really work?

As far as we have seen, it only needs a simple tool like tricider to unleash the creativity of the crowd. You already twittered the most interesting tricisions and got amazing ideas and comments. Let’s just try and see where a collective idea space will lead us!

Now see who is in need for your ideas: Enter here.

Nothing more to ask for…

Many people use tricider to find a good place for a meeting or a party. And a lot of people use tricider to find a good date for a meeting or a party. And some people just need to find both. It was quite uncomfortable to do that in two different tricisions. But the solution is here:

You can have up to 15 questions on one page. Each question has its own settings and can have a seperate deadline.

It´s a perfect tool to plan a conference, a bigger meeting or vacations. Make a survey in your company or ask your customers for feedback on your own product!


You can find the option to create a new page with multiple tricisions in your myTricider account. As usual it is completely free to use. If you want to support us, just tell your friends ;)

A perfect place to make decisions

We just returned from a three days workshop called “Together To The Top”. The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology invited us to refine our business strategy together with five other start-up teams and three experienced mentors. We had a great time and had the most interesting discussions until way after midnight.

But the real star of the workshop was the location! We were hosted in Schneeferner House just below the Zugspitze, Germany´s highest mountain at 2950m.

It was amazing. Just like in an old Agatha Christie book, we were all alone up there. Just one host and 18 entrepreneurs. The house has it´s own cable car, a railway station for a train that comes from inside the mountain and another tunnel that leads 700m through the mountain right to Austria. But the best part was the view of the meeting room.

In this moon-like, overwhelming atmosphere, it was easy to think freely and we made some really important decisions. We might have been more efficient at our desks, but we think some great ideas can only come, when you really step out of the daily routine. Meeting new people, exploring new places is always the right decision.

Where good ideas come from

Popular science author Steven Johnson explains in this short video, where good ideas come from. As he states, great ideas need their time, sometimes many years to evolve and need to built on existing ideas and resources. As much as the Internet might be a distraction, Steven Johnson believes that networks and online tools facilitate innovation, like tricider ;)

The video is worth watching if only for it´s amazing animation technique: The only thing they use is a whiteboard and a pen. Have a look:

Brainstorming – making it a success

Brainstorming is a widely-spread method to create a huge amount of ideas in very little time. Unfortunately, some people mistake limitless idea generation with the absence of rules. That is not quite true. But fortunately, only a few rules are necessary to turn a normal meeting into a creative volcano.

We compiled the most important rules of brainstorming and more for you:

Do you have any more tips on how to make brainstorming a real success? Please leave a comment!