German start-ups suffer from copycats, too…

This morning when I looked at tricider’s Twitter account, I stumbled over a russian message mentioning tricider. That’s nothing too unusual as tricider spreads around the world and there are always messages in Japanese, Dutch, Spanish and languages even Google Translate can’t handle. What struck me was the domain that the question was pointing to: That’s clearly not ours!

tricider is almost one year old. It’s a free service for brainstorming and decision making online. It has taken us much effort to get it from the very first idea to where it is today. It was hard work and took many, many small steps and feedback loops with users and fans. However, that does not hinder anyone from copying just the finished product. Here are some screenshots for you to see:

One of the craziest things is how the product video has been copied. They even took the same music. Not only the same song (which we paid for), but I recut it as well to fit what is happening and it is excatly the same!



We know there is a big discussion about ethics and morals of copycats. Many people have argued for and against cloning. Let me just tell you: When it happens to you, you really feel like being robbed. It´s like you have been cooking dinner for your friends for hours and when you turn around someone else is already sitting at the table eating your dessert.

Taking the same name is the biggest slap in the face. The name, the brand is so personal. It’s odd enough when two people in a room wear the same sweater, but believe me, this is worse. “Hey, is this your twin-brother?” “No, he is just a clone…” Even the Samwers don’t do that.

Who is behind that? We do not know yet for sure. The domain has been registered in St. Petersburg, Russia and tehre is a guy running a fanpage on the russian clone of facebook. We are trying to get in contact. If you have any hints or suggestions on how to proceed, please contact us at

So many questions are now turning in our heads: How will it influence us? How is our reputation being hurt, especially by the low quality of the design and all the dead options on the page? Should we do anything about it? Can we actually do anything about it? Unfortunately, we are not Microsoft or Facebook with 2000 lawyers and millions of silly patents.

I guess, now we are in the position to lead by innovation. And somehow that is something that we like. Since the beginning, we tried to listen to our users and fans and built a product that really helped. Now – more than ever – we rely on the support and feedback by our fans and users.

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UPDATE April 27, 2012

We managed to get in contact with the probable owner of the russian clone via ICQ and he told us direct and straightforward, that he got the idea for the website from

Look at the screenshot from this chat:

Screenshot of chat with clone owner

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

tricider evolution

Just a few minutes ago, we made the biggest improvement to tricider since launching. A new design and many new features. Read about the most important changes or just see for yourself.

Cleaner design – easier handling

At the end of the day, making a tool easier and more beautiful is the same thing. We decided that for some areas, like the administration box, it was time for evolution!


New feature: Agree with an argument

One of the great things of brainstorming with tricider is the discussion right next to every idea. Instead of posting arguments redundantly, you can now agree with arguments.

New feature: Interesting Insights

Learn where your participants come from, at which time they answered your question and present the result in a beautiful graphic.



Thanks to CKendall, Xavier, Arianna, Kristin, Carmen, BCM-News, Marlene, Silvia, Frazer, Dimi, Martin, Inga, Nina, João, Jogi, Christine, Carlos, Ella, Per, Günter and many others for their ideas and suggestions!




Creativity is the most important leadership quality

That’s what the latest IBM CEO study found out. IBM interviewed more than 1500 CEOs from different sized organisations, countries and industries. Four primary findings arose from those conversations:

Today’s complexity is expected to rise and more than half of CEOs doubt their ability to manage it

CEOs widely acknowledge that the world is becoming more and more complex. Increasingly interconnected economies, enterprises, societies and governments are leading to uncertainty. Constant change will dominate the business world. What strikes us most is, that less than half of the CEOs believe that their company was well prepared to cope with the upcoming business environment.

Creativity is the most important leadership quality

Most CEOs believe that managing despite uncertainty will require a lot of creativity. On one hand, creativity is needed to make decisions fast and good. On the other hand, only creative leaders have the ability to re-think their business models and come up with ideas to drastically change their enterprise. Creative leaders have to be open-minded and inventive. They have to encourage creativity inside the organisation in any way.

The most successful organisations co-create products and services with customers, and integrate customers into core processes

A very interesting finding is that according to CEOs a successful company has to adopt new channels to engage and stay in tune with customers. Customers have to be the first priority. An organisation has to get closer to them, get feedback to provide the customers with what they really want. Social media and Online Collaboration may be important points here.

Capitalise on complexity

In summary the study says that creative leaders can manage complexity by inventing new business models based on entirely different assumptions. Those who create new products, services, delivery methods and channels that make things simple and crisis proof will succeed. That way a company can even benefit on complexity.

What do you think? Were they right? How do you value creativity?

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